President Obama references Master Lock’s partial return to domestic production in the State of the Union speech

Welcome back Master Lock. We never left!

Born, bred and here to stay. We were born in Michigan and bred on hitches and trailers all over North America. And we still manufacture our products in the heartland of the automotive world – Michigan. For 26 years, we’ve been designing, and producing innovative products to make your adventures safe and secure with a simple philosophy- if we can’t do it better, we don’t do it. And along the way, do our part to support our economy in an increasingly competitive global market.

Next Generation Trailer Coupler Lock (TCL-2)

TCL-2-appTCL-1’s Big Brother is now available for order. Like its Little Brother, our redesigned BLOCKHEAD TCL-2 utilizes an extruded, tempered aluminum body to provide superior strength to weight ratio, distinctive look, and great value. Also the same simple, rugged push button lock mechanism. Fits 2″ and 2-5/16″ flat lip and –with the custom molded rubber bumper removed– rolled lip couplers as well!